There are many blog posts about scrum.  There are sacred texts and high-priests.   Most of that stuff is malarkey.    If your company has a full time Agile Coach, run for the hills.   Also, if you’re a full time agile coach, stop reading. You’re not going to like what I say. Most of the scrum process can be tailored and adjusted for your workflow.  The true magic of the scrum process in the inviolability of the scrum.

This compact between dev team and product owners is where the magic sauce is:

Developers: “We promise to complete this set of work in the next scrum.”
Product Owners: “We promise to not bother you and change our mind about this set of work.”

That’s the key.  That’s what makes scrum work.   It’s not the daily standups, it’s not the “pigs, not chickens” philosophy.

The problem is, this simple compact is hard to sell workshops and books about.  Hell, it’s hard enough just writing an entire blog post about.

So, you can throw away everything about scrum you don’t like, as long as you keep that agreement.  If you don’t keep that agreement, then you’re just wasting time with all the other stuff.