Here is a really cool list of free software based on this reddit post

If you aren’t aware, there is a lot of really nice free software made available by kind people on the internet. For example, you can find some of my stuff here.

I’ve marked all the ones I have used and liked in bold.


  • Some of it stretches the definition of “free” as it is commerical software that has a limited “free” license. Be sure to check to make sure you’re not violating the license terms. (e.g. TeamViewer is only free for personal use, not commercial)
  • These are for the most part passion projects. You might find that they work well for only a small niche of users and your particular use case won’t interest the developers at all!
  • Some of the user interfaces are a bit rough. This is the result of two separate things. A) These are volunteers and they might not have much background in user experience or user interface design and B) they usually try to build for multiple operating systems at once. As such, the user interfaces never look right in any of the operating systems.

The wonderful thing is, the only thing trying out the software costs is your time.

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